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Season 6 of Lost is back and I can't wait. :) I'm watching it now as we speak and I'm on Episode 5. So, here's what happened so far just as a quick recap.

As you can see from the pretty awesome poster here, it's the last season and there are a lot of faces here from the previous seasons. Some are dead, some are not but let's face it, being dead has never kept a character off screen in this show. The one thing the final season promises is a lot of answers. And I can't bleeding wait. :) So, what was I saying? Oh, yes. A recap.

So, as you know the Flight crashed, blah blah blah. (If you don't know this, you're not a Lost fan and this will all be gibberish anyways). So, in Season 5, we saw some pretty far out things happening. A few characters (Saeed, Jack, Kate, Sun, Hurley and Aaron) finally got OFF the island and spent three years off it. A few characters (Sawyer, Jin, Juliet, Miles, Daniel and Charlotte) were left on the island and kept jumping through time (as a result of the wheel being turned in the season finale of Season 4) and finally, after Locke locked the wheel in place, they were all stuck in 1977 or something. As you  might remember, Charlotte dies from the effects of time travelling leaving Faraday a very, very sad man. :( But Sawyer and the rest of the troupe join the Dharma initiative and decide to make a life for themselves in 1977 making the best of their situation. 

In the real world, present day, three years have passed and Locke (having been thrown three years into the future after setting the wheel right) tries hunting down the Oceanic Six in an attempt to bring them back to the Island. Ben "helps" Locke by first having him go around and talk to them and once they refuse Locke, Ben kills him. This prompts the Six (minus Aaron) to get back ANOTHER plane to head back to the Island. This is an Ajira flight that's headed over where the island might appear (as told to them by Eloise Hawking, Faraday's mother and one-time leader of the Others). They get on the flight and sure enough, it crashes. But the Six are all thrown back to 1977 where they are found by Jin and Sawyer. In an attempt to save their lives, Sawyer passes them off as new Dharma recruits. 

Of course, things go haywire and people start dying as these guys rush to make sure that the future never comes to pass. How, I'll get to in a second. 

In the present, Locke's body was on the plane heading to the Island. But once the rest of the Ajira survivors start collecting, there he is, well and good. And of course, this is bad news for Ben Linus. But Locke wakes up and as the leader of the Others, he starts making them walk towards Jacob, all the while whispering in Ben's ear that he must kill Jacob. 

Oh, before we get to this, at the very beginning of the season, you see two people. Jacob and a dude in black sitting on the Island in the 1500s (I think) and they're discussing why Jacob keeps drawing people to the Island. Now, that makes Jacob close on 500 years old. And there's no indication that he's not older. So, Jacob and dude in black keep arguing and the guy in black, we'll call him Nemesis, says that whatever it takes, he'll find a loophole and kill Jacob. To which Jacob replies that he's sure he will.

Anywho, back to 1977, where Faraday finds Jack and tells him that if he's able to explode a Hydrogen bomb where one particular Dharma station is about to be built, he negates this huge pocket of Electromagnetic energy, thus nullifying the existence of the station and the plane crash in the future. Faraday is then killed by his mother in the past before he can complete it. Jack, in the belief that this will actually work, follows through on the plan and gets the bomb (after a lot of gunfighting) to the hole where the energy is discovered. And as they're about to blow the bomb and hence, reset the future, the EM energy starts drawing everything inside and almost kills Juliet. The bomb never detonates. 

In the present, Locke takes all his followers to Jacob and him and Ben enter Jacob's sanctuary. Here, some other Ajira survivors (Jacob's people) find the real Locke's body and bring it to Richard and the rest. So, "Locke" and Ben enter to talk to Jacob and here it is revealed that "Locke" is actually Nemesis and he tells Jacob that he has found the loophole and makes Ben kill him. 

At the same time, in 1977, Juliet is lying at the bottom of the pit and she sees the unexploded bomb. She desperately hammers away at it until the last scene of the season is the bomb exploding.

So, now, here we are. Here are some of the questions that are at the top of my head:

1. Who the frack is Jacob and what's the deal with the Island?
2. Who is Nemesis and why does he need to kill Jacob?
3. What is up with jesus dead people showing up ALL THE FREAKING TIME.
4. What's the deal with the Island?
5. What is that crazy black smoke monster thing?
6. Who are the Others and why are they so weird and why can't they answer simple questions without making it seem like they've been asked to figure out Schrodinger's Cat.
7. What's the deal with the island?
8. How is time travel possible?
9. Why do dead people... 

Okay, I'll stop. You get the picture. 

But honestly, I do love this show. This is one show that has carefully crafted only questions for the better part of it's 5 year run and has kept us on tenter hooks for the entire while. The last season is supposed to answer all the questions. It's exceptionally well written and yes, the plot has more loops than a Celtic promise band but that's what makes this show so great. I can't figure out anything and it's driving me nuts. 

Am I sad that this will be the last season? Sure. Can I wait any longer to find out what the hell is up with that Island? No. I want answers... NOW. 

So, like I said, I'm already on Episode 5 of Season 6 and I must say, it's kickass! Stick around for updates. :) To leave you with something though, here's the trailer for a brilliant Season 6. Enjoy!

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