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I think my sole purpose in life right now is to bring Sexy Back. It's true. Well, okay, fine. Not bring it back. It's to get sexy in the first place. It's the most annoying thing in the world to NOT be sexy. Not that I'm obsessed or anything. In fact, to be quite honest, I've never given a damn about being sexy. Nor have I cared if anyone thought I was or not. But lately, it's been bugging me. So, I've decided to bring it.

I've always been called names. Those names mostly being "cute", "dweeb", and of late, "tubby." The first is not so bad, unless it sounds almost like a consolation prize. "He's hot!! I'd do him... err, you're cute. Don't worry about it." So, I've decided to become the do-able guy.

"But CK!" you might say, "How do you plan to achieve this quite ridiculous goal?" And I'll tell you... Well, it has to do with a LOT of exercise, getting fit, getting a makeover (and not what you see on T&L with those two weird English chicks. I'm talking about Queer Eye for the Straight Guy kind of makeover.), and of course, parading around so that people KNOW I've had a makeover. No point getting one and just sitting at home. I'm going to walk up to people I normally don't hang out with and ask for paper clips or something equally inane and wait for them to give it to me and if they still don't notice it, I'll ask for pencils and all forms of stationery till I get the reaction I want.

So, THAT ladies and gents, is the plan. I'm on Day 2 or "Operation Bringing Sexy" (Back has been omitted for aforementioned reasons). I'll tell you how it goes when I'm on Day 30.

Wish me luck! And of course, if you see me doing an exaggerated/awkward swagger and asking for office supplies, PAY ME A FRIGGIN' COMPLIMENT!

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