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Okay, so I suck at giving very apt and cool titles to blogs. I see some people who just naturally know how to title or label something and it's perfect! You think, "Hell, I wouldn't call that anything else in a million years and I wouldn't have thought of it, either." Well, I'm not that creative. I'll probably name it Blog for March 27th. Which brings me to people to whom famous quotes are credited. Does anyone honestly believe that Neil Armstrong got off the Eagle and thought of saying, "One small step for man..." I can just imagine his first words must've been, "HA! Up yours, Buzz!" or "Holy Heck! This is just dandy!" If you think about it, there must've been a whole team of people working on it for months. I can just imagine the rejects, "US 1, Russia ZERO!" Either way, it'd be cool to spontaneously come up with crazy quotes, but it's highly unlikely.

Today actually has been just one of those days. I went to work, did stuff, played foosball, did some more stuff and came back. I was chatting with a friend earlier but now, I'm just writing. And writing's a good release for me. When I can think of nothing else to do, I should start penning the crap that pops into my head. To no end and not as a means to get anything done. I love that feeling, actually. Doing something with absolutely no reason but to do it.

I'm badly in need of a shave. I have laundry to do that I just can't get myself to finish. I should probably make myself some dinner. But I don't think I'm going to do any of those things. I'm watching The Office and I must say, Steve Carrell is priceless. Going to go do that. Ciao.

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