A Little Security Goes a Long Way & Movie Review : The Perfect Storm & The Omen  

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Well, it's a new year. Again. I can't believe it. Again. 

I know I keep saying this every new year that the past year went by in the blink of an eye, etc, etc. But that reminds me of something someone once said. Apparently, when you're a child, say, 5 years old, a year is essentially a fifth of your life and hence seems like forever. The older you grow, the smaller the fraction becomes and when you're 20, or in my case, 28, the percentage is miniscule. So, going forward, every year is going to seem shorter and shorter... 

There, I think I've actually gone and depressed myself some more.

You must be wondering what the title has anything to do with anything and in true form, for the most part, it has nothing to do with most of the post. But I found out today that I've got my position (at work) quite secure for at least a while longer. I've been reconfirmed as a Supervisor and have been given an additional team to handle. Which means that in these dire times when there's nary a job to be had, I've got some sense of permanence with respect to work. 

That actually makes me feel a lot better about a lot of things. The downside is, of course, that there will be no pay hikes, bonuses, etc, but the upside is that I have a job from which I can even expect pay hikes. :) So, I shan't complain anymore about that.

As I type this out, The Perfect Storm is playing on TV. The part where he's squat in the middle of the damn storm and actually trying to push through a wave that looks like it belongs in Deep Impact. Which of course, is adding to my happy mood. This makes me wonder if, in that situation, I'd keep going or just say, "Hell with this shite." and just settle down to die. I mean, what about hopeless situations makes us fight through clinging on to just the slightest chance of hope. And thar she goes... I'm sorry. For those of you who can't see my TV at this point in time, the Andrea Gail just sank like a rock after fighting through what was apparently the worst storm in history. The funny thing is, when I was in Newfoundland, I had a few friends who were sailors (the fishermen kind, not the catamaran kinds) who knew the crew of the Andrea Gail. Many other ships were lost that night and they still speak about it in awe. Men who went up against the earth-shattering might of nature and lost. But they were men who were just trying to feed their families. I guess in these cases, self-preservation just goes out the window when you're trying to do what's best for the ones you love.

OKAY. That's enough on that happy topic. I've realized that the way I'm going, this blog will be a big hit with anyone who's supremely high and hence think they need to discuss the finer nuances of human nature or those who're contemplating suicide. No more.

Happy thoughts, happy, cheery thoughts...


Jesus. This is tougher than I imagined. It's not exactly easy to switch moods, eh.

Right. Why do I even bother.

And do you know what movie is on now? Just guess... Okay, I know you're reading this and are probably not going to guess. The OmenThe original, in case you were wondering. Anti-Christ and all. :) I should honestly turn the bleeding TV off when I write. 

This kid is waaay scarier than the new Omen child. Where do they get these freaky looking kids anyway? Don't their parents get a little freaked out? Imagine having your child (potentially the Anti-Christ) standing at your bedroom door, in the dark, with the light behind him, looking at you in the middle of the night...  

Reason Number 284 for not having kids. One day I might be bothered to tell you the other 283 reasons but not tonight. Now, red-assed baboons are attacking the car with the kid. 

Today is not the day for happy posts so I’m just going to give up trying and get to bed. And of course, watch the kid murder everyone.


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