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My recent spate of blogging comes after months (I think my last post previous to this set was February) of doing absolutely nothing constructive in the writing/blogging space. Now, is this because I've suddenly rediscovered the love of the written (or typed) word? No. Sadly, it's because my stupid office internet blocks all the fun pages or the pages where I waste the most time, namely Facebook, Gmail or... ok, fine, they blocked Facebook and Gmail and I didn't know where else to go.

It's kind of sad and now is the first time I'm thinking about what an absolutele waste of time Facebook really is. Would I stop using it after realizing that? Probably not. I feel the need to exercise, on a daily basis, the strength of my Mafia, my prowess as a farmer or my skill as a mariner in the multitude of games that FB offers as a means to kill whatever remaining braincells that TV didn't.

But in simpler days, before I had my laptop, internet or even... my cellphone.... yes, there were days before the cellphone (I think my generation are the only people who'd be able to say that. ) when I didn't have all these distractions and I would just do something silly and mundane like reading or writing or going for a walk. I think that's how the great epics were written. I think the Iliad was written thus:


Ajax       : Hey, Homer. Why the long face, foo?
Homer   : It's that stupid Trojan kid... Hector. Keeps making fun of me. What sort of a name is Hector anyways? Keeps saying D'oh and stupid shit like that. God, I hate that kid.
Ajax       : Chill, Holmes. Let's go play naked javelin again. I promise I won't aim for your backside.

Ajax walks away laughing

Homer : *I'm going to write a story about that idiot Hector and how he gets his ass whooped by Greeks. "Troy is impregnable" he says, "We'd kick your ass in a war." I'll show him. Him and that stupid country which sounds like it should be a sperm receptacle*

Hence, was written one of the most memorable epics of all time (along with it came another great invention, the condom.) Historical sources site that similar bullying/hazing incidents were responsible for the Ramayana, the Epic of Beowulf and also, hitherto unknown books such as the Icelandic saga, The Wrath of Arinbjörk and the Ivan the Terrible biography, Ivan the Momma's Boy (written by his brother, Yuri).

I wonder how much creativity was lost to the world because of the advent of the idiot box.

There are some absolutely brilliant writers, artists and such still out there though. As a relatively newbie blogger, I'm discovering that there are some great sites out there which are absolutely hilarious, like Krish Ashok's, some with some amazing art, like Abhishek Singh's. I am, of course, neither a brilliant comedian nor am I a great artist, but I'll keep posting my two cents worth every once in a while and see where it takes me.

Now, back to work.

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Haha I relate to your Facebook addiction. I too was addicted to Mafia Wars- such a huge time waster!
I inrouduced my mom to it, now she's addicted too. And though I'm on level 410, I'm fed up. So mom plays it for me instead! Lol

November 18, 2009 at 6:31 PM

Level 410?? I might need to join your Mafia then. I'm a level 250, I think. :)

November 19, 2009 at 3:42 PM

Sure! Add me- http://www.facebook.com/magaliv

November 20, 2009 at 8:43 PM

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